Why You Must Learn How to C-Walk

I took up and learnt how to do the c-walk during the earliest days of my hip hop dancing journey, hugely because I was inspired by a very good friend of mine, Kiff (read his write-up about the dance persona!). Personally,  I think I was very attracted to that style of hip hop dance because of it’s cool and composed form of dance.

C-walk actually originated from the word crip walk. It’s a gang dance performed by the Crips – and there’s another less ‘commercialized’ dance form from the opposing gang called the Bloods. Well I wouldn’t continue on with the historical facts as it doesn’t really matter now. What might be useful here is to be able to frame your mind while c-walking. Be in character – be gangsta!

I’ve experienced learning c-walking for myself and I can safely tell you why you need to learn this. It actually consists of basic leg movements found in other styles of hip hop dancing. However, it’s simply called c-walk because it’s a pattern of leg movements that makes it look like you’re c-walking. I’ll just focus on telling you why you should learn c-walking so that you’ll know what you can look up in Google or the likes.

So why?

– It’s easy to learn.

– Improves on your footwork tremendously.

– If you’re a total newbie, this will train you into connecting your dance with the music especially with your leg movements.

– It adds variety to your dance. This dance is largely untapped in the more commercialized dance classes.

– Unlike other hip hop dance styles like popping and locking, c-walking enables you to hit more beats in your lower body region.

– C-walking requires you to hop a little with a tinge of bounce. Get this right and you’ve nailed one of the key fundamentals in hip hop dancing.

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