Why does makeup look so good on young dancers?

Even though stage make-up is used for a purpose, it can be controversial. Many parents believe that children are mature enough to wear make-up and should avoid using it for any reason.

It is not just a matter of one gender regarding stage make-up. Even though young male dancers must wear make-up, the requirements and amount for each sex differ. This is where the parental and social concern comes into play.

What is the importance of stage make-up?

Ask any dance teacher, and they will tell you why your child or toddler must wear stage make-up for recitals or end-of-year concerts. If they don’t use stage lighting, they might say they want to let the audience see their beautiful faces.

Why does make-up look so good on young dancers?

Dance is an expressive form of art.

The expressions of dancers add to the performance’s context and understanding. It is important to be able to see the faces and expressions of children.

Why is it that make-up for the girl and boy stages is applied differently?

Boy dancers can do without any stage make-up. They don’t need bright red lips or false eyelashes. It is possible to apply more natural-looking make-up. So why is there a difference in expectations for make-up for women?

Boys need to use stage make-up.

  • Foundation and Powder
  • Blush or contour powder
  • Natural and Brown Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lip colour that is a shade darker than the natural lip colour

Stage Make-up for Girls

  • Foundation and Powder
  • Use Brown Eyeshadow and White with a light shade or white to highlight the eyebrows.
  • Pink Blush
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara or False Eyelashes
  • Red Lipstick

We can only focus on the argument that the stage lighting is too bright that it obscures dancers’ faces. Those in the back also need to be able to see their faces. There should be no reason why your daughter shouldn’t use natural make-up. It’s the same as what male dancers wear. If people can see men’s faces when they are made up that way, why not do the same for our daughters.


It all boils down to how we, as a society, believe a male and female should look. Male faces must look strong and chiselled, while female faces should be beautiful.

Dance teachers insist that the on-stage make-up of dancers should be clean and not reveal any facial hairs. If you want your audience to instantly identify and recognize that your child is a girl, then stage make-up must reflect this.

Another argument is that your teacher of dance wants uniformity on the stage.

They usually purchase the same costumes for everyone, regardless of gender. Ask girls to style their hair and ask them to do the same for make-up.

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