Why Dancers Make Contacts

Some people make a big deal about making as many friends as you can while you are in the dance industry. Others are happy to just focus on their dancing and make friends naturally as they go along.

Well there’s no real right or wrong way to go about things but people who advocate making lots of friends do have a point. Because as long as you’re in the dance industry it’s important you stay in work. Otherwise it’s back to the day job or praying for your next paycheck.

Whenever you go into an audition or anything else it will always be a person or person(s) that give you a job. They might be from a company, a choreographer or director but one thing’s for certain – it will be a person.

Many of these times it will be people who are involved in the dance industry making the decisions. Which is why it’s good to make contacts. If your friend happens to do well in the industry now or in the future or have to choreograph a project they’ll have to find dancers.

And if you’re their friend they may well just invite you to audition for the job. There are also other positive things associated with making lots of contacts. The more people you know the more likely you will be to hear about auditions as opposed to knowing just a few people.

Also if you’re good at what you do then they might let you know when they’ve got a job coming up and need extra dancers. If you’re in the right place and you know them then that extra person can be you.

Of course you shouldn’t be doing all of this just for your own gain. You need to actually be interested in these people and not just say “Call me when you’ve got an audition.”

There are also plenty of people who do fine without having many contacts at all, and who are just plain determined in their quest to be successful. Your contacts cannot replace your talent but they can certainly open up doors in the industry.

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