Which Dance Class Do You Learn Pop Video Style Dance Moves

At the moment a lot of the popular moves are coming from within hip-hop dance and street dance. Of course these are very general terms and every single choreographer that these music artists and groups works with will have their own styles and their own dance moves.

With hip-hop music’s influence at the moment, this is hardly a surprise although hip-hop dance does not have to be done exclusively to hip hop music, it can be done to any style of music really. It is not uncommon to see it in boyband videos, r&b or even rock.

Jazz dance is also still very popular with many dance routines in music videos being based mainly around a jazz dance base. I would say that it varies from country to country but jazz and hip-hop are the styles that most the dancers you watch on MTV are doing.

In the USA, hip-hop dance is found in a LOT of videos. In the UK there’s probably more jazz or commercial dance.

Then there’s what you might call ‘commercial dance’ which is kind of a mix between the two. It goes by different names like ‘urban jazz’ or ‘commercial jazz’ or ‘street jazz’ to give some examples. This is a very street style of jazz which contains many hip-hop moves as well.
Commercial dance also refers to all these styles such as jazz, hip-hop, etc depending on who you’re talking to. It can get a bit confusing!

Of course, hip-hop dance can be used to describe the dancing you see a lot of at the moment by artists such as Justin Timberlake and Usher. But hip-hop dance is also a general term for all the hip-hop styles since the 70s such as locking, popping, bboyin/ bgirlin (breakdancing), etc.

When you see dancers freestyling (i.e. not doing a choreographed dance routine) they may freestyle in any manner of ways depending on their influences and training. Styles that you see a lot of in dancers freestyling in music videos include breakdancing, locking, popping, gymnastics, jazz dance, hip-hop dance. Styles such as whacking, vogueing, and house dance can also be seen now and again but not as often.

So basically jazz dance and hip-hop dance (and all it’s various styles locking, popping, etc) are very much common in music videos of many of the top stars right now. If you get yourself into dance classes of these different styles you’ll begin to see how different videos use moves from these different styles and be able to differentiate between them much more easily.

If what you see in a music video doesn’t fall into any of the dance styles above it’s probably because it isn’t! Don’t forget you also see ballet, contemporary, african dance, salsa, ballroom and loads of other dance styles in music videos as well, not just the styles mentioned above.

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