Where does the salsa dance originate from?

Depending who you speak to when wanting to know the origins of The Salsa dance you will get a lot of difference in opinions. Few wouldn’t agree that the music and dance originate from Cuba. Salsa dance music was born through the integration of the African rhythms brought there by slaves mixed with popular Spanish Son music.

It’s also important to note that the modernizing of the Mambo dance in the 1950s was influential in forming what would become known today as salsa .

In New York in the 1970s, the word salsa which means sauce, was used to describe this vibrant and sensual Latin dance among the growing Latino community. The Salsa dance spread quite rapidly across the world and many styles were created like New York Style or on 2 salsa , Cuban Style , Casino Style, LA Style , Puerto Rican and London style to name a few.

Many salsa enthusiasts, including myself have taken lessons and salsa dance instruction to learn how to salsa dance one or more of the above styles. The salsa dance moves will differ from style to style. So how do you decide which style to learn? Well I would recommend try a few classes and go to salsa dance clubs in your city or area pick the style you are most comfortable with and enjoy dancing.

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