What number of dance classes should my 5-year-old take?

Parents can be confused about which dance class to enrol their child in, as many schools offer lessons and classes for children.

This research was based on the recommendations of top vocational ballet schools and companies in the USA, Australia and the UK, as well as examining bodies. You can find more information about them below.

My 5-year-old should take classes twice per week.

This year is when most children start school. Parents underestimate the emotional drain that long days can cause, especially if their child has been to daycare. We recommend that your child attend a second class, even if it is in a different format. This will ensure they can handle the extra commitments and enjoy the class. They are exploring their bodies and what they enjoy doing with them at this age. Their goal in learning dance is to have fun. For some little girls, it’s what they grew up believing little girls should do and be – a ballerina, a princess or a ballerina princess.

When should a child start dance lessons or classes?

Professionals will tell you that the beginning age for a successful dance career is between 3 and 10. Those with discipline, passion and hard work can still make a career in dancing. Misty Copeland, the first African American principal artist with American Ballet Theatre, started ballet at age 13. Even if your child turns 5, they don’t need to take dance lessons.

What style or type of class should my child start with?

Ballet is the type of dance that your child should learn. If your child finds ballet boring or too structured, they can take jazz, tap, or hip hop class. But if dance is more than a hobby, they will need to improve their strength and flexibility and develop beautiful aesthetic lines. All of this will be possible with a solid foundation in ballet.

For 5-year-olds, many schools offer 1-hour combination classes. Your child can choose to take half a class in one or more styles, such as Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. Ballet is an essential foundation. Ensure that the ballet portion of your child’s class is taught well, not rushed or omitted.

What best lessons should a five-year-old learn from dance schools and parenting experts?

These guidelines will help you decide what is best for your child. They are provided by some of the world’s most respected companies, examination boards and vocational schools.

Here’s what the dance experts recommend!

American Ballet Theatre – JKO School Children’s Division

The ABT JKO Children’s Division offers one-hour ballet lessons for children aged 5-7. The Children’s Division has a policy prohibiting children from taking ballet lessons or training outside the program.

The Joffrey Ballet

Pre-ballet is a five-year-old class that teaches ballet at the Joffrey Ballet.

The Australian Ballet School

One ballet lesson per week is offered by the Australian Ballet School to five- and six-year-olds.

Canada’s National Ballet School

The National Ballet School in Canada does not offer classes to children under five. Auditions are required for weekend and afterschool classes.

Royal Academy of Ballet

The RAD offers a ballet curriculum suitable for children under 2.5 years and older. Students can take a pre-primary class award at the age of five. They will need to present examination-type work before an examiner. The RAD doesn’t specify how many lessons a child aged five or under should take each week.

Their exam specifications state that candidates must have completed at least 40 hours of training to be eligible for the Primary exam. Each level increases this requirement. The RAD recommends that at least two syllabus classes are taken each week to prepare for vocational graded exams.


The Cecchetti syllabus offers ballet exams for children starting at age 5. All students preparing to take examinations should attend at least two ballet classes per week.


In the beginning, the Vaganova technique was intended to be completed in eight years. It began at age 10. Vaganova is taught around the globe, but there are thousands of applicants for the 70 Vaganova Academy places every year. The original Vaganova method was intended to take eight years from age 10.

Alberta Ballet School

Every week, the Alberta Ballet School offers 45-minute ballet lessons for children ages 3-5. You can join the intensive training classes that include two weekly lessons when your child is six years old. A modern dance class can be added as your child improves.

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