What Is Commercial Dance?

Commercial dance usually refers to dances outside of ballet, contemporary, theatre and highly partner-orientated It refers to the type of dancing done in other areas of the industry and more popular dance styles including trends of the time. It is the type of dancing often featured in music videos and popular films like ‘You Got Served.’

Here is a list of dance styles which would fall into the category of ‘commercial dance’:

Hip hop dance, (commercial) jazz dance, locking, popping, bboyin’/ bgirlin’/ breakdancing (some would prefer not to be classified as ‘commercial’ though), krumping, vogueing, whacking, house dance, funk dance.

Of course ballet dancers, salsa dancers and other style dancers also find themselves working in the commercial dance industry from time to time though I would say the above are the most popular styles of the time.

At the moment hip-hop dance and jazz dance are making up most of the work in the commercial dance industry. It may go by other names such as ‘street dance’ and of course there are fusion styles like ‘hip-hop-funk’ or ‘urban jazz’.

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