The Most Commonly Asked Beginner Salsa Dance Questions

The following questions were the most commonly asked questions in my Salsa For Beginners Classes. As I have metioned previously I have taught over 3000 people to salsa dance and these questions were the most common questions asked in the various countries and areas I have taught in.

More than likely as beginner salsa dancer you will have the same questions and because I like I am going.

Question 1- What do I wear?

The question I used to get ninety nine percent of the time ,especially when people were interested in comming to my salsa for beginners classes and courses was ” What do I wear to class?” I used to reply by letting them know that salsa is very social dance and I would say that 90% of the people that attend salsa dance classes are there for a fun night out. I used to say dress comfortably and as guide I would advise to dress in smart casual style for the men a shirt , pants and nice comfy leather shoes. For ladies a nice top ,skirt or a dress and comfy shoes. Many students would also turn up in jeans which is fine. The most important thing to wear is your smile and bring your enthusiasm and can do attitude.

Question 2 – What shoes should I wear?

As a beginner salsa dancer most floors you are taught on are wooden floors. Please make sure that you don’t wear shoes that have alot of grip on the soles of shoes, like trainers or runners. I say this for safety reasons. Shoes that grip the dance floor too much can restrict movement and also put pressure on your knees when you are dancing your salsa steps. The last thing you want is to sustain any injury. On the flip side there could be dance floors that are as slippery as a skating rink. A nice pair of leather shoes for men starting out. Make sure the soles don’t grip. I recommend a leather sole shoes. For ladies again, comfortable shoes not too high – a two inch cuban heel shoes are perfect. As you progress with your salsa dancing you can invest in the some of the different type of salsa dancing shoes that are available for men and women.

Question 3 – How do I get good at dancing salsa

This is a popular question from students learning how to salsa dance. Unfortunately I don’t have a get good at salsa
quick pill that you can take. It will take practice. My advice is to Learn the basics very well and practice them daily (15 minutes a day to salsa dance music). Get familiar with Salsa Dance Music so that you understand the rhythym
and the timing of the salsa dance music. Attend at least two salsa dance classes per week, organise a practice group or partner with fellow students and finally go out to clubs dancing as much as you can and practice what you learnt in class on the dance floor. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes on the floor as this is the place you really get good.

Question 4 – What salsa song should I listen to and practice my salsa steps and salsa moves to?

There is quite a variety of salsa dance music out in the market place. You have your traditional salsa and your modern salsa artists. The song I play in my salsa for beginners classes is a song by a fantastic artist named Ray Baretto called Acid. It’s an instrumental salsa. It’s a fantastic song that will get you to understand the salsa rhythm and salsa timing and you can hear all the instruments that combine to make salsa dance music. It was at one stage the most played salsa song in salsa dance classes world wide.

I recommend you get a copy.
Stay tuned for part two of the most commonly asked salsa questions.

Wishing you salsa success

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