The Dance Persona (A Journey of Hip Hop Dance Perfection, Part 1)

As the title suggests, if this (the dance persona) is absent naturally, then this is probably the most difficult level (or rather, state of mind) to attain. Many ‘dancers’ have strived to, but have failed at this all enshrining niche. Have reached greatness, but could never grasp perfection.

This is the elusive nature of this ‘persona’. It is not like nimble feet, or humble joints, but rather like a dancer’s true tempest, his mount omnibus. It is Dance, to be bestowed this great gift.

Discover the persona now:-

Step 1. Living the vibe

You have to know your music to do it justice. ( Yes, some people go to the extent of meditation ). However, I suggest less extreme measures. First off, choreography is almost neccessary. Notwithstandingly, one beginning has to inhale an ever growing vibe. Don’t let technicalities subdue your vibe-flow.

When I was young, I’d always blast old-school grooves and try to shake my little figure to it on my porch. As I grew older, I’d try to dance without music. As I grew older, I’d try to mix my own beats to flaunt my steez. Finally, in the last of my teenage years, I’d try to actually beatbox while dancing, intertwine both to a single essence.

Now, I know, don’t force the vibe. Let the Vibe, find you.

Because dance is not a skill. It is in all of us, our symbiotical persona with music.

Dance is One.

If dance had a theory, it would be an acronym of itself. Do anything necessary to create eloquence.

Living the vibe is part of the dance persona.

The Dance of Salome and John the Baptist

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