The Best Lip Sticks and Stains for Dancers

Do you want a lipstick that lasts and doesn’t fade to help your dancer get through long days of performances? Perhaps you are a parent of a young dancer who wants a quick and easy way to apply lipstick. It would help if you considered a liquid lipstick or lip stain instead of a stick of lipstick.

My eldest daughter had given me a Makeup Show bag containing samples of liquid lipsticks. This was the first time I tried it on my daughters. After trying the sample, I was hooked. I could not get another bottle, so I researched the best liquid lipsticks for dancers. Here’s my research!

Are Liquid Lipsticks and Lip Stain the Same Thing?

Liquid lipstick and lip stain can be interchanged. However, many companies have changed the name of their product from a stain to liquid lipstick, mainly to market their products. Although the word stain is a descriptive term for the product, it can be used to discourage people from buying the product. You are more likely to hear the product called an everlasting or long-lasting lipstick.

If this is the case, it is most likely that the product is a tint or gloss. These products can look similar to liquid lipsticks and are sometimes marketed as such. However, they are less pigmented when applied.

What is a Lip Stain or Liquid Lipstick?

Liquid lipstick or lip stain is a product that looks very similar to a lip gloss tube.

It comes in a tube containing a liquid- or gel-like substance.

My preference is for applicators with a wider head to define my lips. They also come in a roll-on and with applicator sticks with round heads.

Lip Stains & Liquids are water, alcohol, natural oils, mineral oil or synthetic dyes. These ingredients help to stain the lips for longer than traditional lipsticks.

What makes a Lip Stain, Lip Liquid or Lip Stick different?

Lipstick is made of waxes and oils combined with colors. The stick shape we all know is the stick shape. Apply lipstick by wiping the creamy stick on our lips.

Liquid lipstick, or lip color, is a liquid contained in a tube. It is then applied using an applicator. Liquid components make up the lip stain. Once applied, they dry to form the stain.

A stain that dries quickly is less likely to smudge than a traditional lipstick and can be harder to remove than regular lipstick. This is good news for dancers!

Why would I choose a lip stain over a stick for my dancer?

  1. Smooth Application

It glides on so easily that it is my number one reason for using a lip color on my daughter’s cheeks instead of lipstick. When applying regular lipstick, I have to put pressure on it for it to transfer. My dancers’ lips also move around, especially when they are young and not used to using makeup.

Liquid lip stains glide on easily and require a very light application.

No Lip Liners Required

Lip stain is also a great option because I don’t have to draw their lips. Instead of filling their lips with lipstick, I use the lip stain application tip to draw lines around their lips. This gives them a defined shape and crisp lines.

This method is much better than using a lip pencil. My lips respond to the pencil’s pressure and move along with it. They are also not creamy, so they can dry out and be difficult to apply if you don’t spend a lot.

It lasts for many years after one application.

Lip stains are applied wet and dry quickly on the lips. Lip stains can dry quickly due to the alcohol content. It evaporates within a few hours of application. Some lip stains can also be absorbed into the outer skin layer, which allows the color to stay on for longer.

Costumes are not as easy to transfer.

A lip stain that has dried can still look shiny but will not rub off once it is dry. Many lipsticks can do this, but it is important for dancers who have to put costumes on for recitals. It’s a good idea to know that lip stain will not transfer if you pull things over your head as carefully as possible.

It is easy to remove at the end.

Micellar water is a good choice for removing all makeup, including lipstick stains. However, I don’t just use it on a cotton pad to rub it all over my dancers’ faces.

Instead, I soak the pad in water and rub the area from the outside corner to the middle. Then, I either do the opposite or do the top and bottom lips separately. I usually use a second makeup removing pad with more micellar water to wipe the entire mouth clean.

This allows me to wipe most of the color off their cheeks without spreading it all over.

To restore their moisture and remove any remaining makeup, I’ll apply some sorbolene cream to a cotton pad. This can be done with moisturizer, coconut oil, and cold cream makeup remover.

Sometimes, I notice their lips becoming pinker after taking off the stain. However, this can be due to the stain or the rubbing. Usually, it is gone the next day after they have washed their face or taken a shower.

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