Reasons to Dance – The Top Ten!

So why should you dance anyways? Gone are the days that taking a dance class was a requirement for a young person’s entrance to polite society. But people still dance – in ever increasing numbers – why is that? I think long before our grandparents decided that learning to dance enhanced one’s social skills – dance has been a primveal, feel good activity. There is not a society on earth now or in the past – which has not danced.

So what are the top 10 reasons to take a dance class this year?

Dance Classes are Fun

You know that runner’s high? Well you can get the same from dancing and you don’t need to be out and dawn fighting Wellington’s fickle weather. You don’t have to get hot and sweaty either – and you can talk to other people while you exercise. The combination of social activity, music and physical activity is probably one of the easiest ways to beat the blues and meet new people – what’s not to like about dance classes?

Dance Classes are For All Ages

As TV’s Dancing with the Stars has proven – you don’t have to be young, beautiful and fit to enjoy dancing. You literally can dance from 2 to 92. There are so many different forms of dancing that there is bound to be a style of dance that will suite your age and physical abilities.

Dance Classes are Social

Some forms of dance are designed for partners: rock and roll, ballroom dancing, ceroc. Others are designed for singles: pole dancing, line dancing. Many styles can be adapted to your circumstances: don’t havea partner but what to learn to waltz? Find a dance class which mixes learners up and gets them to dance with a variety of partners. If you are a solo look for a dance form which is done either solo or as a group.

Dance Classes are Good for Your Brain

Use it or lose it has become the catch-cry for the over-50s – and its even truer for your brain. Dancing requires you to remember sequences and engage your brain to move parts of the body which don’t normally see much activity. Remembering dance steps is just as good exercise for the brain as crosswords – but better for the body!

Dance Classes are Good for Your Body

Dancing quickstep in Dancesport has been quoted as being equivalent to middle distance running (and runners tend not to run in tail suits and high heels). But even if you are doing social dancing – a few hours dancing is a lot better for you than a night in front of the TV!

Dance Classes can be Cheap

Although you can pay top dollar if you are determined to become a professional ballet dancer – you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn to dance. Many clubs hold classes for a only a few dollars. Most dance styles require clothing you already own with addition of a pair of dance shoes.

Dance Classes Doesn’t Require Super-Human Fitness

if you are over 18 – its probably too late to become a professional ballet dancer or to join an international irish dance troup! However many people take up belly dancing, flaminco, street dancing classes, or social ballroom in the middle years or even older. if you can walk you can dance – in fact there is even wheelchair dancing for those who can’t!

Dance Classes can Introduce You to New Cultures How many people have been introduced to Indian culture via the popular Bollywood dance craze? its hard to learn belly dancing without learning at least a little about Middle Eastern culture!
Dance Classes will take you around the World Dance is truely a universal language – if you can Viennese Waltz you can dance in Vienna regardless of your German language skills: know the tango – head to the barrio’s of Buenos Aires and your dance skills may well surpass your Spanish skills!

Dance Classes Can Start a New Career

Dancing can quickly become a passion. I know quite a number of people who have started successful businesses by following their passion for dance!

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