Our Recommendations For The Best Beginner Pole Dance DVDs

Maybe you don’t have the funds for regular pole dance classes, or would like to pole dance in the privacy of your own home and release all your inhibitions without the risk of embarrassing yourself in public. Or perhaps you want to supplement your current pole dance lessons with at-home practice. Whatever your reasons, a pole dance beginner DVD is exactly what you need to get started. We know that navigating the world of pole dancing DVDs can be a bit confusing – how do you separate the fluff from the true, high-quality pole dance instructional DVDs on the market? Check out our list of the best pole dance DVDs for beginners, so you know you’re getting quality pole dance instruction for your money.
Leigh Ann Orsi’s Beginner Pole Dance Workout

leigh-ann-bespun-beginner-pole-dance-workout-dvdLeigh Ann Orsi, owner of Bespun Studios in California is a superstar in the pole dance world. Her Beginner Pole Dance Workout DVD, the first of her three-part pole dancing DVD series, contains everything you need to get started with pole dancing – there’s a warmup, flexibility exercises, and 5 pole dance combinations as well as free dancing.

Leigh Ann’s instructional approach, which gives you combinations of moves instead of single moves, makes it easy to learn how to flow your pole dancing, and become a more creative, fluid dancer. Leigh Ann is known for her flowing, sexy and feminine style, and her DVD provides ample guidance on becoming as sexy of a dancer as she is.

The Art of Pole – Jamilla Deville

jamilla-deville-the-art-of-pole-volume-1-dvdThe Art of Pole by Jamilla Deville offers a very thorough introduction to pole dancing and Jamilla leaves no stone unturned in her pole dance instruction. Her DVD covers a warmup, very basic ground moves like walking around the pole, and then progresses all the way up to spins and static holds.

Jamilla breaks down every move step by step, and provides safety instructions and helpful tidbits that can’t be found in any other pole dancing DVD. In addition to individual moves, she teaches transitions and mini-routines so that you get the hang of flowing your skills together, while still having the time to learn the moves one by one at your own pace.

Extras include a cool-down routine, a pole conditioning routine to build up strength for some of the harder moves, and 2 1 minute performance videos by Ms Jamilla herself to provide some inspiration. The Beginner DVD is Volume 1 of a 5-part collection.

Live Once Pole Dance Beg/Int DVD by Elisabeth Magalhaes

live-once-beginner-intermediate-pole-dance-dvd Elisabeth Magalhaes’ Live Once Beginner/Intermediate Pole Dance DVD is quite comprehensive and gives you instruction in over 25 Beginner and Intermediate Pole Dance moves that are sure to get you well on your way to pole dancing like a pro.

As is standard, the DVD covers a warmup and safety tips, and also includes a conditioning segment. The conditioning portion has a well-rounded group of exercises – there’s pullups, climbing, ab-works, and several variations squats, to name a few. This will be sure to give you a full-body workout.

The DVD includes a practice dance routine that incorporates the tricks and transitions learned in the main section of the DVD.

There you have it – three of the best beginner pole dance DVDs taught by masters of the craft that get you right to pole dancing while keeping it high on quality and low on fluff.

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