Our Recommendations For Pole Dance Fitness Clothing

Pole dancing for exercise is a great workout, but looking and feeling great is just as important as the actual workout you get. Who wants to pole dance in mismatched outfits or faded shorts you’ve had for years? Even if you’re only pole dancing to get a healthier, stronger body, dancing in cute clothes still adds to the fun and enjoyment. Check out our recommendations for some great pole dance fitness clothes that are functional as well as attractive!

For those of us looking for basic, practical pole dance wear, PoleSkivvies fits our needs exactly! Their attire is made for pole dancers by pole dancers, and they have high standards of quality and comfort.

Their Tail Spin Pole Dance Short has full coverage of the butt, so you won’t have to feel self-conscious while pole dancing in public, and they feature a stretchy, breathable, no-sweat fabric, a wide leg opening with room for muscular thighs, and are designed to not gap in the crotch, saving you from an embarrassing flasher moment. Pair with the Fireman Pole Tank or the Gemini Pole Bra to complete the set.

Show your enthusiasm for pole dancing with these “Got Pole?” boyshorts from Lil Mynx. They make a cute statement, but are functional for fitness pole dancing – they are short, close-fitting, breathable and comfortable with a 95% cotton, 5% spandex blend. These shorts show a little bit of booty, but not an excess. They would be acceptable in a pole fitness class, but your mileage may vary as far as how much skin you feel comfortable showing in public. Pair with the “Got Pole?” tank to complete the outfit.


Sweet Vixen Couture manufactures shorts and tops specifically intended for pole dancing and other forms of fitness. Their super-stretchy performance fabric keeps sweat off the body, stays firmly put so it does not gap at the crotch, and is guaranteed not to stretch or fade.

Check out their super-cute T-back tank top & side-tie shorts (a best-seller) for a functional but fashionable pole dance outfit. The side tie shorts are awesome because the length can be adjusted so that the shorts can go from full-coverage to full-blown booty shorts – showing exactly as much as skin as you desire, no more or less.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with clothing options that suit your pole dance fitness needs, but if you’d like to see some more variety, definitely check out the looks at Sweet Vixen Couture – you’ll be sure to find something awesome to wear for your pole dancing!

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