Modern Jive Then and Now

Modern Jive originated in France as a blend between the American GI’s jitterbug and swing and the smoother French rock and roll varieties. However Modern Jive has now diverged from all other dance styles and is a complete dance style in its own right. Because it’s a very open style of dance, it’s able to borrow moves, shapes and feelings from almost every other dance as they see fit.

Where rumba is the “dance of love”, samba is “a party”, tango is a “game of cat and mouse”, Modern Jive is a blank canvas – providing amazing scope for the dancers to express themselves freely.

Add in the acrobatic moves, the dips, drops, aerials and tricks and Modern Jive is an exciting new dance style with almost limitless possibilities!

One of the first questions people new to Modern Jive ask is – “how long is a class?” They are generally thinking they need to learn one long choreographed move over an hour. A Modern Jive class is very different. After coming to their first class students are usually amazed to find they’ve just had a fun evening out, with very little of the usual stress of going to a new dance class and learning a new skill.

Modern Jive classes will always start with a Beginner class starting at around 7:30pm for most classes. During this class students learn 3 or 4 beginner moves. Everyone rotates around the class as they learn the moves – a brilliant way to meet all the other beginner dancers.

After each segment there’s social dancing time or “freestyle.” This simply means everyone gets to practice the moves they’ve just learned. Next, there’s another half hour class where the teacher will go over the moves you learned in beginner class, or teach an Intermediate class. Then comes the main freestyle… an evening where everyone just dances to top hits until the end of class. Everyone is encouraged to dance… and ladies ask the men to dance just as often as men ask the ladies.

While most dance classes are an hour, a Modern Jive class gives you an entire evening of learning to dance, socialising and lots of fun.

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