Looking Your Best

It takes effort to look good for class, but your appearance is one big part of whether you are taken seriously by your teachers and yourself. You need to look the part. And you can, by doing maintenance on a few simple things.

Have a back-up… or two
Looking your best starts with your head. A few simple things like having your hair pulled back and simple make-up on can make all the difference in how people see you.
So, be prepared!

If you tend to forget these things (like me), keep back-up supplies in your dance bag. Here are things I started keeping with me.

-Bobby pins
-Hair elastics
-Mini Deodorant

And sometimes
-Earrings (small and fun!)

Be sure that if you carry make-up that you replace it with new stuff every 3-6 months, and don’t let your friends borrow it.

All these things take less than 10 seconds to apply, but they can make all the difference in how prepared you look and feel in class. Being serious about dance means being prepared to look your best, even in an emergency.

Here is a video from Anaheim Ballet on how to get perfect ballet hair, long or short.

No Shabby Shoes or Clothes
There is a line between a leotard that is “well loved” and one that is distracting for those around you.

Your apparel doesn’t always have to look like new. Actually, in college it was almost trendy to have a couple holes in tights, leotards and shoes to say, “look how hard I work! I wore right thru my (fill in the blank).”

This is fine, and as artists it is smart to get used to using our resources for as long as possible.

What you don’t want, however, is for your apparel to become a hindrance to your work in class. Here are some signs it is time to get new clothes and shoes:

1. The holes in your tights/leo are big enough to let your skin bubble out.
I don’t think I need to explain this one. It just doesn’t look good.

2. You have so many holes that your leo could tear any minute.
This is not a good look. When this happens, a part of your (and your fellow students’) brain is always going to be devoted to worrying that you are going to flash the class. You want full concentration on your work, not your wardrobe.

3. You have toes poking through your shoes.
You can use athletic tape to patch holes in shoes, but only for so long. When toes leave your shoes there is a chance of catching something wrong and breaking a toe. Again, it is distracting at the least, and ends up coming across as sloppy.

There is a gray area of what you can get away with in class. Patch what you can for as long as you can, and then know when it is time to say good bye.

Do your best to keep your clothes and shoes clean and neat. This will give others the impression that you take this seriously and are ready to dance.

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