Keeping Up With Dance Routines

When you go into any dance class there will almost definitely be a routine to learn at some point whether it’s short or a full choreography to verse and chorus sections.

A lot of people find it hard to keep up with the steps and remember the whole choreography. The important thing to remember is that this is a skill that is honed over time but there are certain things you should bear in mind.

First of all you actually need to be able to do the moves before you can put them in the routine. If you’re not comfortable doing the individual moves in the 1st place you’ll probably find them harder to remember within a routine. What this means is that you need to go home and practise these individual moves.

Sometimes you know how to do the moves but you just can’t remember them in the routine. This is usually because when you connect moves up into a routine there is more to remember so there is a chance you’ll forget certain parts.

The other thing is that people often make a big deal out of missing a step or 2. If this is often happening it’s usually more to do with how your brain is processing the steps. Perhaps it just feels unnatural to do a certain sequence of steps a certain way or in a certain order and you have to train your mind and body to get used to it.

The good thing about your movement memory is that it gets better with time. You’ll get used to moves being in different routines and get used to them. The more you practise the more you’ll also find it easier to remember aspects like the timing of the routine, the feeling and other components.

Anytime you do struggle on a routine, the best thing is to practise the individual moves if you find it hard to do them. If you find the moves are easy enough then you need to practise the whole routine to train your mind to get used to doing routines and sequences longer than a few counts.

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