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I hope you enjoyed the first post on the most commonly asked beginner salsa dance questions as mentioned in part 1 the following questions were the most commonly asked questions in my Salsa For Beginners Classes. As I have mentioned previously I have taught over 3000 people to salsa dance and these questions were the most common questions asked in the various countries and areas I have taught in. More than likely as beginner salsa dancer you will have the same questions. OK here are few more questions and the answers for you!

Is there an easy way to remember my steps and moves when dancing?

This question is a popular one amongst the males or the leaders of the dance. I can understand this one as I was once there myself years ago. What helped me was practicing the basic salsa steps over and over to salsa dance music. I always made sure that I had the basics and my timing was in sync and on time with the music. The other thing I got into the habit of doing was writing down the salsa moves after every class (this of course was before phones with video function was more commonly available). I would draw diagrams and write along side the dance move or step a description on how to execute them. I remember having a student that used to come to class and record his salsa steps and moves in his PDA. If you are going to bring a phone ,camera or any recording device please make sure to ask permission if you are taking the video of anyone other than yourself. A couple of final tips on this question is firstly to have a structure ( a bit like a safety net). What I mean have a least 5 of your favourite salsa moves that you can lead very well and have drilled time and time again in a sequence. You can use this as “time to think” of another move to add on to your sequence, just remember don’t stop keep moving even if you are doing numerous mambo breaks between your moves.

For the ladies/ followers this isn’t normally an issue for you. All you are required to know is your basic moves and timing and not lead.

How long will it take me to learn how to salsa dance?

A very popular question this one and a very difficult one to give an exact answer. I have been dancing salsa for 11 years and I am always learning from other professional salsa dancers ,dancers from other styles and peers. The learning never stops. My experience has shown me that when it comes to salsa for beginners I find that it starts to come together after 4 to 5 lessons (In a structured course). By come together I mean my students have understood the basics and start to understand how to move as one and in time with their partner in time with the salsa dance music. My advice to beginner salsa dancer is learn the basics well so get it as these are the foundations of your dance and the more advanced moves all stem from the basics.

What is the best style of salsa to learn?

The more popular styles of salsa are salsa on 2 (New York Style), Cuban, Afro Cuban and LA Style. They are all great styles to learn and all fun to dance.It’s up to you. My preferences are Cuban and LA style and have danced the others and have enjoyed them also.

When can I go out and dance in public?

Straight away is my answer! It’s on the dance floor you improve and learn how to salsa dance quickly. I make it appoint to tell my students to start dancing straight after their first lesson if they can.

When I run my classes I allocate dance time in them and I made a rule that they have to dance to 3 salsa dance songs before they could go home!

Until next time keep dancing and smiling.

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