How To Salsa Dance – Salsa For Beginners

Salsa dancing is one of the fastest growing partner dances sweeping the world today. What is it about salsa dancing that gets people “hooked” on this vibrant ,fun and sensual Latin dance? After being bitten by the salsa bug myself over 11 years ago and having taught this wonderful dance to over 3146 students over past 8 years there have been many reasons sighted as to why people are attracted to salsa dancing. The more common reasons you will find are:

The Salsa Dance Music -Salsa Music is infectious ,uplifting and romantic.

Tasteful and sensual dance to dance with a partner

A Great way of getting out and meeting other people. Many great friendships have been made by going salsa dancing.

A way of getting a good workout and keeping fit without even knowing it.

Salsa Dancing is fun and enjoyable and not that difficult to grasp (even if you have two left feet),it’s easy to learn the basic salsa steps.

Salsa ,once learnt is a bit like learning to play the guitar in that you have a skill that will last you all your life and one that you can call upon any time for example if travelling overseas there are many a place to dance salsa ,you will make friends all over the world whilst dancing and having fun.

They are just a few reasons and you will agree “excellent” reasons to take action and go take some beginner salsa classes so that you too can enjoy the good times salsa dancing brings.

Learning how to salsa dance can be a very rewarding for you both mentally and physically building your confidence and fitness. So What is the best way to learn to salsa dance? In this era of information and easy access to the Internet you have it all at your fingertips 24/7.You can search on the net for local salsa for beginners or Latin dance classes in your area , free online salsa for beginners lessons or invest in how to salsa dance DVDs that are available on the Internet. Let’s look at each option.

Going to a salsa school in your local area or an area close by I believe is the best option. Why? Because you get to learn in a group environment with other people who are there for the same purpose of learning to salsa dance with an experienced instructor who you can call upon to answer your questions and help you understand your salsa steps and moves. The other bonus of of learning in a class environment is that you get to mix with the other students and have the opportunity to make friendships and salsa practice groups outside of your classes. Classes are normally run as either 8 to 10 week courses or drop in classes also known as pay as you go classes. Ask your local dance school what type of courses/ classes they offer.

Online Salsa lessons and how to salsa dance DVDs certainly have their place in learning as well. Learning from these media are beneficial in that you are not tied to going to salsa classes if your schedule does not allow, for instance if you work shifts that may stop you attending your beginners salsa course or classes. Learning from online lessons and DVDs will benefit you if have a partner you can learn with on a regular basis. I certainly recommend the online lessons and DVDs as great tools to aid you in fast tracking your salsa dancing. Though in my biased opinion you can’t beat group classes for the fun atmosphere and a great learning environment. There are a lot of dance schools that offer a free trial salsa lesson for beginners if you still aren’t sure.

What have you got to lose? Only an hour of your time and a lot of fun.

You know what to do next don’t you?… Book your first salsa dance class.
Wishing you salsa dancing success.

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