How to prepare for a dance recital: The Ultimate Guide

Both parents and dancers love end-of-year recitals and ballet concerts. The kids get to perform makeup and costumes on stage before an audience. All the hard work put in throughout the year is finally paying off for parents.

Parents have to prepare for more than just a recital or concert. Although your dance studio might send you emails and lists about what they expect, they may assume you are familiar with the details. Or leave it up for you to consult other parents.

Remember that every dance studio has a different way of organizing recitals. You might be allowed to see more than one performance, junior and senior shows. They might only allow a few parents backstage. Your child might be in one or ten routines. The studio may hold one or more dress rehearsals.

How to prepare for a dance recital: The Ultimate Guide

The result is the same: kids performing choreography and dance they learned in class to an audience. Even though each studio may do things differently, there is still an established system that parents can use to prepare for recitals.

As you’ll see in the next section, the Practice step is not just for your dancer. Parents, get ready to improve your skills!!

Dance practice

To help your child prepare for the recital, the number one tip your dance teacher will give you is to have them practice the routines at home and in the dance studio.

Many dance teachers now record their class rehearsals and upload them to their dance studio app so their students can watch them at home.

This tip is just one way to practice a dance before a rehearsal. For more detailed tips, read our article Practice – The first step in getting ready for a Ballet or Dance recital.

Do your hair and makeup before you go to the recital.

It is a good idea to practice applying makeup and hairstyles before going to a recital.

My experience as a dancer meant I assumed it would be easy to do my daughter’s stage makeup. It wasn’t easy. We were able to overcome a few bumps, and we had a practice together.

I was her age, and she had a terrible reaction to me applying makeup to her eyes. She was so excited to dance with me that she allowed me to practice applying eyeshadow and mascara gently to her eyes and was happy.

She opened her eyes when I began to apply the eyeliner. It covered her entire lid. She was unhappy with how my liquid eyeliner felt on her skin and refused to use it. This would have meant that I would have to remove her makeup and redo it on the day. It could have been very stressful for us both.

Find out how we dealt with the eyeliner issue on the day and other solutions in Practice – Preparing for a Dance or Ballet recital.

Practice is the first step in preparing for your child’s Ballet or Dance recital.

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