How to Pop and Lock

Pop and lock is a style of hip hop dancing, made up by two moves: popping, or contracting and releasing certain muscles, resulting in explosive muscle movements and locking or freezing after a series of fast dance movements. You can perform this funky dance craze if you know the right moves.

What You’ll Need:
Funky 70’s music

Warming Up

It may take some practice and a few dance lessons before you get your pop and lock groove on. Here are some simple tips you can follow when you’re just starting out.

Stretch before you pop and lock. This dance can be intense, especially if you want to throw in a few splits. Twist your spine from one side to another, touch your toes and gently roll your head around.

Listen carefully to the music’s rhythm. The popping usually happens on every beat, so make sure you know the time signature. Bop your head; this helps you get the beat down.

Isolate music groups. When done with specific muscle contracting, popping looks awesome. Try clenching and releasing your leg, shoulder or chest. Lock before the pop, so it will be clearer.

Dance like you’re moving frame by frame. After every two inches of movement, there should be a slight pause. You’re now doing the pop and lock.

Contrast your moves. Go from robotic, sharp dances to flowing and smooth movements. Dance and move quickly, then do a creative freeze.

Vibrate. Tense your muscles hard, so they will shake.

Be a puppet. Hang and dangle your limbs as if they’re being held up by strings. Keep one part of the limb steady, though.

Liquid dance. Move your arms and hands in a flowing and continuous motion.

After learning the basics of pop and lock, you can now try a few dance moves.

Famous Pop And Lock Moves

The Boogaloo – Invented by Boogaloo Sam, this consists of fluid movements and rolls around the different body parts, such as the arms, head and knees. This will appear like you’re dancing without bones.

Dime Stopping – Dance at a normal pace, then stop abruptly. The more sudden, the better. Pause for a moment, then dance again.

Robot Shuffle – While you’re kicking your feet from one side to another, move your body upwards and downwards.

Mime – It’s often used in dance-off so the competition will be imitated. You can either pull yourself forward with an invisible rope, pretend you’re inside a box, or just tell a story without words.

Ticking – Pop, but twice the normal rate. This should be done for short periods of time, since it can be very tiring.

The Wave – Move as if a wave or a current is traveling through your body. It might seem corny when done simply, but a complicated wave will look impressive.

Jazz Split – Jump, then perform a half-split, one of your legs bent. Gracefully spring back up and bow.

Pop and lock might seem like a complicated, even freaky dance, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll surely be amazed at how great you move. Just keep practicing and you’ll master this dance move.

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