How to Dance

Clubs, parties, and nightlife are enjoyed by every teenager and adult at some point or the other. However, those who don’t know how to dance are handicapped in this regard. Those who go to clubs and parties frequently know that dancing is a vital skill in order to have a good time. You cannot simply pass your time sitting on a couch in a dark corner when everyone else around you is dancing and enjoy themselves. You don’t need to feel this way anymore. Here are few steps that you can take to avoid this embarrassment.

What you need:

A relaxed and flexible body
The motivation to learn
Lots and lots of practice


The first thing to keep in mind is that dancing is all about having fun.

You don’t need to feel self-conscious about how you dance, as nobody is going to judge you for it.

Don’t lose hope or feel bad even if you are not a great dancer. This low self-esteem will negatively affect your dance as well.

Try to practice dancing at every opportunity you get. Ask your friends or anyone else you feel comfortable with to help you through the learning process.

Use your bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else you feel comfortable as a dance floor.

Stay in shape. Although you don’t need a model’s body to dance, being overweight makes the task even more difficult.

Go to a store that offers videos with dancing scenes in them. Observe the dancers and try to copy their movements. You don’t need to be perfect; just pick up the steps you find easy and practice them.

If you think taking formal classes can help you, then do not hesitate in signing up for them.

Be confident on the dance floor. If you don’t know how to dance on a particular song, then observe those around you and copy their movements.

Listen to the music carefully and then lose yourself in it. Relax your body, and let the music take over it. You will find that when you dance naturally you are at your best. It’s all about creativity and fun.

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