How to Dance an Irish Jig

Feeling Irish? Maybe you can show off your spirit by dancing an Irish jig. This dance is simple, fast, elegant, and best of all, it’s easy to learn. Here’s how to do a light Irish jig.

What You’ll Need:

Dance floor
Comfortable dancing shoes

The Rise And Grind Step

Put your weigh on your left foot. Next, put the right foot out, in front of you. Your toes should be pointed.

Hop, using the left foot as you raise your right foot. Hop on your left foot again, as you move your right leg, back behind you, while it’s bent at the knee.

Step down using the right foot. Your left foot must be in the air. If you combine these movements, this is the “hop, hop back” part of the light Irish jig’s rising step.

Alternate hopping from one foot to another, while staying in place. The pattern should be left, right, left, right. End it with your weight resting on the right foot. When you do this, it’s now called the “hop, hop back, hop. 1-2-3-4?.
Repeat this, this time stepping on the left side. Start with the left foot in front.

The Irish Side Step

Hop on your left foot, raising your right foot in front. Your toes should be pointed.

Keep hopping with the left foot. Then, move your right leg, with the knee bent, putting it behind the left foot. Put the right foot behind the left foot, then transfer your weight on your left.

Switch smoothly to hopping on your right foot, while simultaneously bringing the left foot behind you. Then, put the left foot at the back of your right foot, while you raise the right.

Put your right foot down, stepping on it.

Raise the right foot, then put th left foot behind it. Step on your right foot again.

Some Tips

Arm movement doesn’t look good while dancing a jig. Keep them flat at your sides.
The music defines how quick the dance is. This light jig is performed at 6/8 time.
The Irish jig is graceful, but simple. Execute the steps accurately and precisely, but make it look relaxed and effortless.

If you ever go to Ireland, show off your dance moves with these light jig steps. Just keep practicing and you’ll master this graceful move!

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