How To Choose A Dance Style

There are many styles to choose from when you decide to take up dancing it can be like entering an ice-cream shop with just enough change for one ice-cream.

There are certain things which work everytime when choosing a type of dancing to take up though.

A good way is to watch videos on YouTube of different dance styles to get an idea of what appeals to you. Bearing in mind that there are lots of styles even within 1 dance style. For example two different teachers of hip-hop will not teach the same moves.

Another surefire way is to watch different classes beforehand to get an idea of what you like. But the surest way is just to try out the different classes. Not only does this tell you what it’s really like but also if you have any talent for that particular dance style – you’ll be better at some styles than others.

If you find that you’re not that good at a dance style to begin with but enjoy it then you shouldn’t necessarily shoot for another class. Most classes are difficult when you are starting out. If you enjoy the class chances are that you can make progress over time.

It’s also worth considering what type of music they play in the class. If you like breakbeats then a ballet or salsa class is probably not what you’re looking for. But if you like Latin music then a salsa class would be perfect and if you like classical music you may well enjoy ballet.

Sometimes none of these factors matter and the most important thing will be whether you enjoy a class or not. Many people attend classes where even though they’re not that keen on the music, they just love the class.

Also consider your motives for going to class. For example if you want a good workout a Dance-Exercise type class would be better, whereas if it’s more about the moves and the routines, then an actual fully-feldged dance class would probably be more up your street.

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