How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is here once again, and you’re getting revved up for some Irish-style fun. There are many wonderful things you can do for this exciting holiday and here are a few ideas to get you started.

What You’ll Need:

Green clothing
Authentic Irish food
Irish literature
A sense of fun and adventure

Go Green

Unless you want to be pinched hard during this day, this is one tradition you shouldn’t miss out. Green represents all things Irish, connected with nature and hope, lucky four-leaf clovers, spring and the shamrock. You can even see it in the Irish flag. Join the merriment donning your favorite green outfit. Wear a green t-shirt, a sweater with a four-leaf clover, or if you have to be at work, wear a bright green necktie. If you want to dress outrageously, a leprechaun costume is also a hilarious choice.

Eat Irish Food

What better way to feel Irish than prepare a delicious, traditional meal? Cook some cabbage, bacon, lamb stew or a potato dish like champ or colcannon for an authentic Irish spread. Corned beef is also great, although it’s not really traditional, and started in New York.

Another tip: Prepare lots of alcoholic drinks. Irish folks are known for their merry drinking habits, so get some cold beer, or go to a local pub for some Irish whiskey like Jameson or Bushmills, or a Guinness Irish Stout.

Join In The Parades

You can spend St. Patrick’s Day out on the streets, along with thousands of people. This is one of the holidays that’s grandly celebrated with parades and you’ll surely have a magnificent time watching the floats and festivities, You can visit the annual five-day festival in Dublin, but if you don’t want to spend too much, you can just go to large cities like St. Louis, New York, Boston, London, Chicago, Savannah and Sydney. These have grand celebrations and parades, so you won’t be disappointed.

Read Irish Lit

Ireland has a rich history and folklore, as seen in their wide array of literature. Get to know more about the country, by reading Irish mythologies and legends. Explore books at an Irish bookstore and purchase titles that interest you. You can choose from modern poetry, humorous books, classic fictions and ancient sagas and myths. It’s also a good idea to read more about Saint Patrick. Learn all about his life and how he became a great part of Irish culture.

Go To A Bar

Pubs and bars in many places celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Oftentimes, you’ll find special prices on beer and food, since people love to go drinking during this holiday. If you and your friends want to have some Irish fun, go to a bar. You can call your favorite joints and see if they have plans for the day.

Celebrate At Home

Much as you’d like to join in the street excitement, home is where the heart is. Just have a simple and quiet celebration with your loved ones and friends at home. You can decorate for the holiday, and serve Irish food. Watch a movie and chill out with a few green beers. It’s a cheap, but fun way to celebrate.

Other Ways To Celebrate

Play Irish music. Pub, Folk and Celtic songs will put you in the holiday mood.

Go to church.  After all, Saint Patrick brought Christianity to the land.

Dance like the Irish. Sign up for an Irish step-dancing lesson with a local Irish-American organization.

Go to the theater. Irish playwrights like Yeats, Shaw and Synge produced many of the world’s best drama, and in many U.S. towns, production of their works are showcased during the holiday.

You don’t have to be Irish or go to Ireland to have fun on St. Paddy’s day. Try these fun celebration options and you’ll surely have a magnificent time during this holiday.

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