Gymnastics on the Peninsula for Advanced Students

If your tumbling tot shows signs of athletic ability, encourage him or her to take advanced instruction in gymnastics. Peninsula gymnastic schools offer more than just bars and beams to swing on – they’re the building blocks to your child’s future. Gymnastic training can sharpen focus, build physical strength, teach self-control, and improve poise and self-confidence. The following schools below have strong curriculum for advanced and competitive gymnastics.

Peninsula Gymnastics

You may have already heard of Peninsula Gymnastics, a school well-known for producing disciplined, award-winning young athletes. They have two advanced programs to choose from – Recreational, if your child is not interested in competing, or Competitive, if your child is exceptionally skilled and wants to best others at the floor, bars, or rings. The Recreational Program has three age-appropriate levels for each gender, starting with the Gold Fish program for boys and girls aged 5.5 to 6.5 years old. Here, your child will learn basic gymnastic skills like safe landing and correct flight, while developing body awareness, flexibility, and strength. Teens with basic and advanced knowledge are also accepted into the Recreational Program.

The Competitive Program, on the other hand, is a by-invitation program run by the school’s head coach Jessica Wickier. This intensive program requires a stronger commitment to training and competition; after all, the goal is to prepare each student to compete in prestigious events like the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Programs. If your child is between the ages of 5-7 years, he or she can audition for placement in the program.

Call (650) 571-7555 to schedule a complementary class with your child, or visit to find out more about their advanced gymnastics programs.

San Mateo Gymnastics Center

San Mateo Gymnastics is an excellent place to get advanced instruction and has a good reputation for team gymnastics. They have new equipment, enthusiastic coaches, and a wide floor area that accommodates different gymnastics types. Talented kids ages 5 and 6 are selected to train at the Pre-Competitive Program, a multi-level program that focuses on technical development and athletic development. Aside from intensive training, gymnasts will be given the chance to participate in parades and exhibitions, just so they’ll have performance experience under their belt. But if your child wants to take gymnastics just for fun, there’s also a Recreational program for girls five and older. There are four skill levels, and each student progresses individually on dance, trampoline, and the four Olympic events.
To learn more about the two programs, visit or call the gym at (650) 591-8734.

Gold Star Gymnastics

If your child is too old for the KinderStars and MiniStars pre-school programs at Gold Star Gymnastics, he or she can move on to their recreational program for boys and girls. The program is broken up into four levels – Red (beginner), Orange (advanced), Yellow (intermediate), and Green (advanced intermediate). Advancement occurs every other month, during the students’ assessment; when they make it to the next level, they are given a colored belt that corresponds to their skill level. Students in the Yellow and Green levels don’t compete, but they can earn stars and receive medals from the school for their accomplishments.

Gold Star also has a by-invitation Junior Olympic program for kids aged 4-8 years. If your child is interested, you can schedule an evaluation by calling 650.694.7827. For more information, visit the Gold Star website at

Gym Towne

Besides a fun-filled program for toddlers, Gym Towne Gymnastics also offers USA Gymnastics’ Junior Olympic Program with classes for levels one, two, three, and four. They have an ongoing evaluation system that allows students to move up the next level when they’ve passed an assessment. Upon completing each level, every student gets a ribbon award, progress report, and a Certificate of Completion. Once your child makes it past level four, he or she can join the gym’s competitive teams or continue taking gymnastics as a recreational sport. To enroll your child, call the South San Francisco location at (650) 589-3733. The website also has information on fees and schedules.

Twister Sports Center

Twister Sports Center was established in 1968 by parents who wanted to provide their children with quality gymnastics education. Today, Twisters provides an exciting array of sports activities, as well as a premiere competitive and recreational gymnastics program. Boys and girls aged 6 and older will learn the basic Olympic events at the Recreational Gymnastics program; as they build their flexibility and strength, students move up from the Beginning level to advanced recreational gymnastics. If your child is skilled enough, he or she may be admitted to the Developmental program, which prepares children for competition. Twisters offers a free trial class to all kids who’d like to experience their services. To avail of the complementary class, call the sports center at (650) 967-5581. For information on their other sports activities

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