George Sampson – Good For UK Dancers!

When George Sampson won top TV show Britain’s Got Talent dancers everywhere either publicly or secretly were thinking ‘yes.’

So often dancers are out of the spotlight dancing behind worldwide stars such as Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott and Britney Spears it was such a great occasion to see a dancer being celebrated for their talents. And his win was celebrated in a big way.

It was also good to see him succeed due to the way he never gave up and his complete determination. It is something probably dancers everywhere can relate to in a sense because of the dancer’s lifestyle of having to go to auditions and being turned down for jobs.

Because of the nature of the industry, even the very best dancers will go to auditions and get rejected. No one gets every single job they audition for.

Of course when it happens in such a public spotlight as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ it’s even more admirable because it’s never nice not succeeding at an audition, ask any top dancer, let alone have it happen with TV cameras on you.

But despite not getting through to the final in 2007 he came back better and stronger. This should and will serve as inspiration for young dancers everywhere because dancing takes a lot of skill and work. A lot of people give up when it gets hard, the people that get good keep working at it and concentrate on just making themselves better all the time.

The dancer, who fuses elements of street dance, hip-hop dancing and break-dancing is also a good example for youngsters due to how humble he is. It is easy these days as dancers get bigger and bigger jobs to allow their heads to become too big and lose the public touch. But this probably won’t happen to George who obviously just loves dancing.

Already on eBay there have been t-shirts popping up that read ‘I Love George Sampson’ with smiley pictures of his face. Even pillowcases and credit cards…though I doubt he’s even old enough to own one! And they look like they’ll continue to fly off the eBay auctions.

Thanks to George Sampson there are more youngsters and boys taking up dancing without previous unfair notions of it being wimpy or girly. And thanks to George Sampson people are appreciating dancers once again in the UK!

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