Freestyle Moves vs. Dance Choreography. Which One Suits You?

Yo lads, this article is all about the style of dance that suits your style. You’re probably not a beginner at all but you’re probably thinking about the other side. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side ;). So the question remains, freestyle moves or dance choreography? Or if you’re more territorial about things, I should say, freestyle moves vs. dance choreography – which is better?

I can’t choose it for you, you will have to decide for yourself. I also can’t tell you which is the ultimately better form of hip hop dance. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of help deciding it for yourself because this article is all about that! I’ll discuss the advantages, the disadvantages and the possible fusion of such hip hop dance styles. Again, it’s all up to you, it’s how you define and interpret dance for yourself. Read on yo –

If you think that the freestyling part is heavily supported, you may be very right about that. I’m more of a freestyler but I love choreography too, only really good choreos!

Freestyle Moves

A really hot freestyling video between Adam Sevani and Chris Brown!

Freestyling is the type of dance usually associated with breakdancers doing their thing on the streets. Freestyling is the rawest form of street hip hop dance. All it takes is getting familiar with whatever dance styles in the hip hop realm (c-walk, popping, locking, tutting, etc) and just do whatever that feels right in the moment. And that is without deliberate planning. Plus you get street credit yo =P.

So what’s good bout freestyling?

  1. You can dance to almost every song that you love. Without planning, without practice. You just need to think fast enough and know what’s right and do the right thing at the right time. Know your music too.
  2. Good for dancing in clubs. This is especially true because clubs usually play remixes.
  3. It’s quite individualistic. Good for you if you like playing the lone wolf. I know I do sometimes!
  4. There’s a good possibility that you’ll discover new moves through freestyling.
  5. This is the best thing about freestyling. You’ll discover your unique dance style through this. You’re in full control of your hip hop moves!

So what’s bad bout freestyling?

  1. Good planning is always better than little or no planning. Yes, almost any good choreographed dances beat freestyling, flat__.
  2. It can be dangerous if you’re not setting a goal for your own freestyling dance progression. You’ll be stuck to your same old moves if you’re not continuously expanding your muscle memories through your freestyle practices.
  3. Huge possibility of looking messy when your friends freestyle at the same time. There’s an art to this. But if you don’t know the art of crowd-freestyling, you’re going to look abysmal!

Dance Choreography

An awesome video of the Adam/Chu Dance Crew with their choreographed dance

Choreography is what you always see on great dance movies (Step Up 2 in my mind.. yum yum), theatrical plays, crowd events and even in hip hop dance classes. There’s actually a thin line between choreography and freestyling. The dividing factor only lies in the planning of the dance moves. I can write a 200-page book on this but I’ll just say this – freestyling is a form of short-term plan, while choreography is a long-term plan.

Choreography is for dance groups only. Don’t waste your time choreographing if you’re a lone living room dancer. Seriously.

So what’s great about dance choreography?

  1. Good choreography definitely excites and interests just about everyone. It’s a group performance, for a crowd.
  2. Coherent and quality choreography can establish an everlasting image for your dance crew. It’s far more powerful than the image of a solo hip hop dancer.
  3. Similar to freestyling, you can discover new moves while planning out your dance moves. Be experimental.
  4. Two brains are better than one. You have more people contributing to the dance moves in choreography. That’s always a good thing. That’s especially true when you have people with different hip hop dance styles in your crew.
  5. More planning into the fashion of the dance crew. Great stylized and coherent fashion is always Cool.

So what’s bad about choreography in hip hop dancing?

  1. Significantly more time consuming compared to freestyling in terms of planning.
  2. Everyone in the dance group must get the dance moves right. ‘Right’ is probably an understatement.
  3. You really need to consider both mental and physical attributes of the members in your dance crew. Some people just can’t fit. You need to be aware of this, seriously.



I could actually write a whole lot on this topic. But for the sake of readibility in a website, I’ve kept this short.

So what’s better for you? Weigh it for yourself. Add in the other factors that I’ve not included.

In my personal case, I’m transitioning from freestyle to choreography. There’s always space for freestyling in choreography. I’m not using choreography in it’s literal and pedantic sense. I’m a believer of creativity, innovation and impact in everything I do and that includes hip hop dancing.

If you’re already on one of the sides – freestyling or choreography, don’t hesitate to explore the other side. If you’re a freestyler, you’ll do well in the choreography arena because you’re only putting your ‘unplanned’ moves in a more structured form. All it takes is just practice to get your muscle memories pinned down. If you’re already into choreography, going into freestyling is definitely a breeze. Of course, when you’re freestyling, you’re probably not purely freestyling because you’re breaking down your dictionary of choreographed hip hop dance moves. Well it doesn’t matter, hip hop dance is hip hop dance.

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