Five Great Reasons Why You Should Start Hip Hop Dancing

What’s up fellas? I’ve taken some time (like an hour) doing some dance filming over the weekend. And I’m gonna upload them soon. Definitely great news!

Now, there are many many great reasons of why you should start hip hop dancing. I am going to just highlight five of them in no particular order of greatness as they’re all great reasons! If you have been contemplating over if you should start hip hop dancing after watching a good dance video or movie, you’ll be up on your feet after this.

#1: It’s a Learnable (Awesome) Talent

Dancing is certainly natural to most of us. On the other hand, hip hop dancing might be unnatural to some of us – I wish I know the statistics of it. However and fortunately, hip hop dancing is learnable. Playing the guitar is unnatural to most of us, but if you look around, there are many plenty of good guitarists. For sure, guitaring is a little more difficult. Good thing is, you can practice dancing virtually anywhere.

For hip hop dancing, you just have to love your hip hop / RnB music well enough!

Hip hop dancing can be easy. Read up the basics and fundamentals in this website. Go look for it! The best shortcut to hip hop dancing is to know the fundamentals and after that, all it takes is just a little practice.

#2: Live the Moment

You’re young and you’re energetic and you’re not too old to love hip hop. Living the moment is one of the greatest reasons of why you should start hip hop dancing. You have the freedom of control over every cell of your body – grooving to the beat. You also have the freedom to let yourself lose yourself in the beat!

In this age of MTVs, hip hop is sort of a source of creative inspiration. It’s a choice for people to articulate themselves physically. And hip hop dance gives you the freedom to express yourself. Live the moment. Life is a series of fleeting moments (I think I heard this from Christine).

#3: Confidence

By knowing your body well and how well you can go with the flow (the music), you will definitely be able to build confidence. There’s no way to be confident only by ‘just being confident’. Know yourself well through hip hop dancing!

By dancing, you wouldn’t be afraid of taking up space and won’t be reserved in showing what you think is best for the moment. You will dance well enough also if you are confident. It’s a two way street. Build confidence, dance well, then build more confidence and so on.

Plus I’m sure most of you love to club. What more than knowing how to drink and socialize in a club? Dancing is a huge bonus. Feel like the biggest fella in the club (and yes, this includes you girls as well!).

#4: Know Someone More in 5 Minutes of Dancing than in 30 Minutes of Conversation

Ahh, I bet I’m not the only one who loves coffee and conversation. I love conversation, don’t get me wrong.

However, if you have a partner to dance with, you get to know him / her much much more in 5 minutes of dancing to hip hop or RnB beats than in half an hour of conversation. Conversations can sometimes be dull, intense and worn out. Hip hop dancing is raw, physical and mostly more ’sincere’. Lol. Nothing beats the scenario when you’re looking into your partners eyes while dancing to the groove. There’s much more connection in hip hop dancing. It fills our senses – the audible, the physical and the mental.

If you have a crew or a group to dance with, you’re always going to be exchanging views and opinions about each others’ dance. It’s very dynamic and everyone gets to improve their dance. The feeling of togetherness while dancing to the beats are unsurmounted. It’s like having a band playing a full-forced jazz improvisation.

#5: Fitness through Fantastic Fun

I frequent the gym like 4 times a week. Running on the threadmill is boring. Weightlifting can sometimes be too strainous and limiting. Sometimes I feel like losing some fats as well. Well then, fitness through hip hop dancing is definitely among the best reasons to why you start hip hop dancing!

What better way to achieve better fitness through good music and good bootyshaking? You get to know your body well because hip hop dancing is quite about that if you’re particularly learning how to pop and to wave. You get to sweat while doing it as well, and then improve your dance as well.

Moreover, hip hop dancing uses every part of your body. It’s up to your creativity.

Perfect. And a damned good reason to start learning hip hop dancing.


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