Dance to Inspire!

I’ve been watching some of Kenichi Ebina’s dance performances lately!

From his performances, I’ve finally came to a realisation that hip hop dancing can really be a form of a stage dance even if you’re going all solo.

The key is to create an experience for the audiences. It’s like bringing the art of hip hop dancing through time. If you’ve been to exotic places around the world, there’s bound to be once or twice when you actually sat through some kinda cultural dance performance. I’ve never been a fan of cultural dances especially the ones around South East Asia such as the dances in Thai and Indonesia. Somehow, I don’t feel it lol!

But let’s face it, one day, hip hop dancing may just phase out and just be another ‘ancient’ cultural dance hah! Just maybe.

It’s sort of a responsibility for us hip hop dances to transpire and inspire other through our dance. Well maybe not a responsibility but it’s good to have it in mind that what we decide to do with our passion (in this case, dancing) will have an impact on the cultural history of our dearest planet Earth.

I don’t really know why I came up with this post. Probably because I just drank two glasses of beer haha!

Just remember that hip hop dancing is just not to impress your girlfriend or your brother. You have the power to inspire through hip hop, or anything else in that matter :). Hip hop dancing is as purposeful as anything else, if not more!

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