Dance Colleges

Dance has become a well established piece in higher education. Here are the benefits dance colleges have to offer you.

You will learn things that you didn’t learn at your dance studio.
You will be required to take classes like dance history, anatomy, kinesiology, dance technology and other aspects of dance that you have never had time to learn about before.

These subjects made me a more mature dancer. The fill in gaps about how and why dance is and where it is going. If you are serious about dance, these are things you’ll need to study. Might as well do it in college.

You will get to try all types of dance.

There are a lot of dance styles offered that you can try. As a bun head, dancing in college was a blast because I took African, Modern andBallroom which I hadn’t really tried before. Lots of schools even offer hip hop now.

All these different genres made me a much better dancer, teacher and especially choreographer. And it’s so easy to do. All the classes are right there. Now is the time to expose yourself to as many styles as you can.

You will be prepared for a dance/movement career.

The things that are taught in a dance college can be a launching point for many careers. Here are some examples: professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, dance photographer, Pilates instructor, yoga instructor, physical therapist and studio owner.
Not to mention, dancing in college is a great way to keep off the freshman 15 lbs.

I highly recomend looking into dance programs in your area.
Dance Auditions

Many dance colleges will require an audition to enter their program. Here are 4 things you need to be prepared for an audition and reasons to practice auditioning before you get to the big important one

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