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Getting audition experience is an awesome way to prepare for your future in dance, no matter what side of the auditions you end up on. So, why notpractice on auditions that don’t really matter before you have to do well in the ones that do?

Summer is a great time for auditions. Go. Even if you don’t want to do whatever it is, go to the audition.

I was able to do this a few times and wish I’d done it more. Every time I went, I learned…

– How to work under pressure

– How to pick up unfamiliar styles

– Where my skills were compared to dancers from other areas

– How to be brave and just go for it

– Different areas I needed to work on

– That I actually can do well in an audition!

That last one is maybe the most important. It was great to be able to audition without the pressure of caring how I did. Then, when things didgo well, it gave me confidence going into the auditions that mattered.


Don’t make the important audition your first audition.

Being Prepared for an Audition

I’ve found that one of the biggest contributors to how I feel about an audition is how prepared I was for it. Of course this means being prepare by building your technique and performance skills. But it doesn’t end there. Here are some things you can do to be able to give 100% at the audition.

Know Exactly Where You’re Going
My nerves before an audition are intense. I’ve found that knowing exactly where I am going helps me feel much calmer.
When reading the audition details, I look specifically for any special details about parking or driving.

Sometimes, if it was close enough, I’d even make a trip to the location before the audition to get familiar with the area. There is nothing like a last minute parking problem to break my calm and focus.

Plan to Be Early
This is a must. It smart to give yourself time in case of bad traffic or other unexpected problems.You also need to account for the time it takes to sign in and get warmed up. I plan to arrive about 30 min before the audition.

Then, if everything goes perfectly, you have time to chat and make friends!

Plan Your Meals
I eat for an audition like I eat for performance. I need energy and a light stomach. I’ve learned what foods work well for me. I go lean protein in the morning and light carbs right before audition. I stay away from coffee and sports drinks and stick to cool water.

Know what works for you and plan for it. Pack an extra snack just in case you need it. If I’m unsure whether a food will be good for me before audition, I think about eating it and pay attention to how my body reacts. It usually tells me if it is a good idea or not.

Look Your Best
You definitely want to look the part. Know what kind of style is appropriate for your audition. Read the information for any specific requirements of clothing or shoe type.

You want to dress to match your personality, but make sure your outfit isn’t talking louder than your dancing. I’m a fan of bold colors and no pattern. It’s clean, straightforward and fun.

Finding Auditions in Your Area

Find auditions in your area by looking for these specific events.
Dance Intensives Auditions

Probable Requirements:

– Previous dance experience in similar style

– Audition fee

Many big studios and dance companies will have dance intensives during the summer. Start looking for dates and times mid March.

There is usually a cost to audition for these, but they make for great audition practice. Go, even if you can’t do the intensive.


Probable Requirements:
– Be in attendance at the convention

While there usually aren’t auditions to get into the different levels at conventions, check to see if there will be scholarship auditions.

Whenever I went to convention, I attended the scholarship audition. Even when that meant getting up at 6 am! I was always glad I did.
Convention teacher come from all over the world! Don’t miss a chance to get whatever feedback you can!

Dance Team Auditions
Probable Requirements:
– 18 or older
– Previous dance experience in a similar style
– Clothing requirements
– Headshot/resume
– Audition fee

Sport’s dance teams usually have their auditions in the off season. If you have major sports teams in your area, check out their homepage for specific dates, times and requirements.

Also check for pre-audition classes. These can be a lot of fun, as well as helpful. They are kind ‘of like mini auditions. You’ll most likely learn a routine in their style and get a chance to be looked at by decision makers before being judged in an actual audition.
Theater Auditions

Probable Requirements:

– Headshot/resume
Dance is a big part of theater. Look for auditions that include dance for any theatre group in your area including your high school and community theatre.

While being able to sing is obviously a plus in theater, don’t count yourself out if you don’t have a soloist voice.

Experience auditioning for theater will also be very useful if at some point you are a choreographer holding your own dance auditions for a play.

Your Own Studio
Probable Requirements:
– Invitation

Of course, think about attending any audition held at your studio. They are usually free, and often have guest teachers and judges.
Ask your teachers if there are any coming up. You may have to be invited to attend, but if the teachers know you are interested in audition experience, they might let you come. This will give you a fresh perspective on your technique without leaving home!

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