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As we are all different, with different needs and goals, one size does not fit all. A comment I frequently hear is, “I’m not good enough to take a private lesson.” Another is, “I don’t need the private lesson; I can learn all I need to know from the group class.” In each case, neither student truly understands the purpose of group classes or private lessons. It seems that a lot of dancers don’t truly understand the differences, and/or benefits of private lessons vs. group lessons, so

Despite the gloomy weather the week prior to the event, I was looking forward to attending the 1st Annual Long Beach Salsa Expo. I often enjoy the low-key-ness of the salsa scene in the Long Beach and South Bay area. The salsa expo turned out to be an unforgettable experience, because it was my first time competing in a Jack and Jill Salsa contest. A friend of mine, prompted me to give it a try. I had little time to prepare myself. Less than five minutes after I

owering at 6-foot-8-inches on bare feet, a Redondo Beach woman is being billed as the World’s Tallest Model. She won’t reveal her real name and prefers simply to be known as “Amazon Eve”. She’s modeled for magazines, but mostly in Australia. Her global popularity began to rise after appearing in the November issue of Zoo Weekly, an Australian version of Maxim Magazine. Soon after, her videos on YouTube received thousands of views and she’s been hit with a huge wave of publicity. Eve studied theater and briefly perused a

Modern Jive originated in France as a blend between the American GI's jitterbug and swing and the smoother French rock and roll varieties. However Modern Jive has now diverged from all other dance styles and is a complete dance style in its own right. Because it's a very open style of dance, it's able to borrow moves, shapes and feelings from almost every other dance as they see fit. Where rumba is the "dance of love", samba is "a party", tango is a "game of cat and mouse",

Finding a place to buy pole dancing shoes can be a bit daunting – it’s not like people advertise these things locally, and you run the risk of end up in a seedy sex shop that is anything but classy and woman-friendly. Online retailers offer privacy, flexibility, and direct delivery – not to mention a bigger variety of heels for pole dancing than even the biggest local store can ever hope to achieve. Here are our recommendations for where to buy pole dancing shoes, and as a

Maybe you don’t have the funds for regular pole dance classes, or would like to pole dance in the privacy of your own home and release all your inhibitions without the risk of embarrassing yourself in public. Or perhaps you want to supplement your current pole dance lessons with at-home practice. Whatever your reasons, a pole dance beginner DVD is exactly what you need to get started. We know that navigating the world of pole dancing DVDs can be a bit confusing – how do you separate

Pole dancing for exercise is a great workout, but looking and feeling great is just as important as the actual workout you get. Who wants to pole dance in mismatched outfits or faded shorts you’ve had for years? Even if you’re only pole dancing to get a healthier, stronger body, dancing in cute clothes still adds to the fun and enjoyment. Check out our recommendations for some great pole dance fitness clothes that are functional as well as attractive! poleskivvies-tailspin-pole-dance-shorts For those of us looking for basic, practical pole

The holidays are all about sharing and goodwill for your fellow man. This is an important lesson for children to learn, as it helps develop them into responsible, socially-oriented members of the community. Teach your kids the true value of helping others by getting them to participate in holiday volunteer programs. San Mateo kids have two great opportunities in the holiday season. Give Holiday Donations to the Samaritan House Samaritan House is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care and services for the less-fortunate. Every holiday season, they put

A child quietly building structures with wooden blocks isn’t “just playing.” According to early child development experts, children learn about their world and understand abstract concepts best when they play. Through toys and play activities, children enhance their abstract thinking skills, improve their motor control, and learn to work with others. Instead of sending your child to a traditional preschool, consider a play-based pre-school or day care. Belmont has two fantastic institutions that can provide your child with fun hands-on learning activities in a safe, nurturing environment. Little

If your tumbling tot shows signs of athletic ability, encourage him or her to take advanced instruction in gymnastics. Peninsula gymnastic schools offer more than just bars and beams to swing on – they’re the building blocks to your child’s future. Gymnastic training can sharpen focus, build physical strength, teach self-control, and improve poise and self-confidence. The following schools below have strong curriculum for advanced and competitive gymnastics. Peninsula Gymnastics You may have already heard of Peninsula Gymnastics, a school well-known for producing disciplined, award-winning young athletes. They have