Typography Graphic Design For Dancers

February 16, 2017

As artists of an often misunderstood dance, we dancers understand that everything we present publicly reflects back upon us as individuals, upon bellydance as an art form, and by extension, the Middle Eastern culture. When presenting these facets in the most favorable light to other dancers or the general public, good design becomes paramount because … Continue reading Typography Graphic Design for Dancers

The Sisterhood Of South African Belly Dancers

February 14, 2017

Read more: Gilded Serpent, Belly Dance News & Events , » The Sisterhood of South African Belly Dancers Copyright 1998-to current date by Gilded Serpent, LLC I’m an Australian. Well, even that is barely true! I was born in Hong Kong, grew up with missionary parents travelling around Asia, and did my schooling in Japan. … Continue reading The Sisterhood of South African Belly Dancers

Successful Art Entrepreneur Or Belly Dance Dummy?

February 12, 2017

A lovely woman I know from the local Belly dance scene, let’s call her Jane, who was working as an administrator for an entrepreneur’s organization in Boston sent me an email with an intriguing opportunity: “Would you be interested in speaking at an upcoming event about your role as an arts entrepreneur? It is for … Continue reading Successful Art Entrepreneur or Belly Dance Dummy?

Retirement Is There Life After Dance?

February 10, 2017

Perhaps this was my mistake; I had a plan for my dance career, and I was not shy to tell it to everyone who would listen. My goal was to dance as long or longer than my dance heroine, Martha Graham, who performed until she was 92 (when she proceeded to drink herself into toxic … Continue reading Retirement Is There Life After Dance?

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