Private Lessons Vs Group Classes

November 26, 2017

As we are all different, with different needs and goals, one size does not fit all. A comment I frequently hear is, “I’m not good enough to take a private lesson.” Another is, “I don’t need the private lesson; I can learn all I need to know from the group class.” In each case, neither … Continue reading Private Lessons Vs Group Classes

My First Jack & Jill Contest By Yana Moultrie

November 24, 2017

Despite the gloomy weather the week prior to the event, I was looking forward to attending the 1st Annual Long Beach Salsa Expo. I often enjoy the low-key-ness of the salsa scene in the Long Beach and South Bay area. The salsa expo turned out to be an unforgettable experience, because it was my first … Continue reading My First Jack & Jill Contest By Yana Moultrie

Babezilla Lives In Redondo Beach

November 22, 2017

owering at 6-foot-8-inches on bare feet, a Redondo Beach woman is being billed as the World’s Tallest Model. She won’t reveal her real name and prefers simply to be known as “Amazon Eve”. She’s modeled for magazines, but mostly in Australia. Her global popularity began to rise after appearing in the November issue of Zoo … Continue reading Babezilla Lives in Redondo Beach

Modern Jive Then And Now

November 20, 2017

Modern Jive originated in France as a blend between the American GI’s jitterbug and swing and the smoother French rock and roll varieties. However Modern Jive has now diverged from all other dance styles and is a complete dance style in its own right. Because it’s a very open style of dance, it’s able to … Continue reading Modern Jive Then and Now

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