Belly Dancing Lessons For Beginners

Belly dancing has to be one of the best way for a women to get fit and have fun at the same time – and yes – sorry guys – but almost all Wellington Belly Dancing classes are female only – sorry about that!
Though for those women who struggle to find a male to take along to partner dancing classes – belly dancing takes the pressure off.

Together with the focus firmly on those wobbly bits – belly dancing is getting more and more popular.

For any older women who is concerned about strengthening her pelvic flour muscels belly dancing is almost as if it was designed for you!

Probably the most challenging thing for beginners starting belly danicng is learning to isolate your various body parts – just like the child’s game of taping your head and rubbing your stomach – but much more so. An experienced belly dance really can engage and isolate muscel groups that the beginner is not yet really aware that they own.

Although the popular vision of belly dancing are glamorous 2 piece outfit with all hanging out so to speak – this is hardly necessary for class. The modest will get along just fine in a T-shirt and skirt. The veil is an essential part of the belly dancing in some styles though – as are the persucssion effect of ankle and wrist bells.

Although some dancers make a professional career of dancing in restaraunts and for private events – the vast majority of those who go along to belly dance classes go along to have fun, get fit and have a great time.

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