Babezilla Lives in Redondo Beach

owering at 6-foot-8-inches on bare feet, a Redondo Beach woman is being billed as the World’s Tallest Model. She won’t reveal her real name and prefers simply to be known as “Amazon Eve”.
She’s modeled for magazines, but mostly in Australia. Her global popularity began to rise after appearing in the November issue of Zoo Weekly, an Australian version of Maxim Magazine. Soon after, her videos on YouTube received thousands of views and she’s been hit with a huge wave of publicity.

Eve studied theater and briefly perused a career as an actress. Unfortunately, because of her size, she was constantly being cast as a monster or an alien. She dropped out of the acting business for a desk job, until the recession hit.
As the economy slowed, a door opened for Eve to begin a new career as a professional dominatrix. Eve told the Daily Breeze that men all over the world are willing to pay for a visit from an Amazon dominatrix. She never takes off her clothes or engages in sex with her clients. She mainly wrestled with them, boxes, lifts them up and carries them around like babies and/ or role play.

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