Australian Competitors Dancing in NZ

If you are an Australian Dancesport competitor interested in competing in New Zealand you mind find the following information useful.

Translation of Terms used.

Age divisions are identical except Masters 2 doesn’t exist and Masters 1 is called Senior. Senior dancers are also able to dance adult grade as well at the same competition. New Zealand youth and senior dancers have dual grades for adult and their youth/senior age group e.g. a New Zealand senior may dance C grade in Senior Latin and E grade in Adult Latin at the same competition.


New Zealand still uses the E to A Grade nomeclature (Level 1 is E Grade , Level 5 is A Grade). Competitiors in E Grade are allowed to wear competition dress (which is optional for E and D grade). Dress restrictions are otherwise similar including Juvenile restricted dress. E Grade also has a restricted syllabus of steps allowed. Adult/Senior men in costume must wear white tie and tails – middle suits are unacceptable.

Most competitions allow all dancers to enter Open events, but the Nationals do restrict Open to C grade and above. All dancers are allowed to dance their own grade plus the one above.

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