November 2017

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If your kids love moving to music and can’t seem to sit still, you might want to bring up the idea of taking modern dance. Bay Area kids have a choice of several dance academies that teach a wide variety of dance styles to children of all ages, and modern dance is perhaps the most popular among young girls. This dance style emerged in the 1900s and is very similar to ballet, minus its stringent rules. Because of its more relaxed style, modern dance can be used

Don’t stay in on a lovely day, especially since there are so many outdoor activities to enjoy in the Bay Area. Family trips to these stunning destinations are a great way to spend quality time with the kids before school starts. Whether you introduce your little one to flora and fauna in a national park or give the kids their first kayak ride, these adventures in the outdoors will surely create memories that last a lifetime. Wunderlich Park The wondrous Wunderlich Park used to belong to the Folger family

For many parents, a high school should do more than pave the way to a good college; it should also provide a solid religious education. For this reason, they choose to pull their kids out of the public school system and look for faith-based high schools. Bay Area cities have several school options if your child’s spiritual development is just as important as his or her academic success. When you are ready to take on the task of finding the best Bay Area schools to research which