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Dance has become a well established piece in higher education. Here are the benefits dance colleges have to offer you. You will learn things that you didn't learn at your dance studio. You will be required to take classes like dance history, anatomy, kinesiology, dance technology and other aspects of dance that you have never had time to learn about before. These subjects made me a more mature dancer. The fill in gaps about how and why dance is and where it is going. If you are serious about dance,

Getting audition experience is an awesome way to prepare for your future in dance, no matter what side of the auditions you end up on. So, why notpractice on auditions that don't really matter before you have to do well in the ones that do? Summer is a great time for auditions. Go. Even if you don't want to do whatever it is, go to the audition. I was able to do this a few times and wish I'd done it more. Every time I went, I learned

An excellent way to have a life full of dance is to become a dance teacher. I have found it very rewarding. I love it because I get such a different view on dance.You've probably heard that to really understand something, teach it to someone else. It's so true. To be a good teacher you really have to deepen your understanding of dance, movement and art. It is also very important to stay involved in your own dance education. You get to be very creative as a teacher. Teaching

Some people make a big deal about making as many friends as you can while you are in the dance industry. Others are happy to just focus on their dancing and make friends naturally as they go along. Well there's no real right or wrong way to go about things but people who advocate making lots of friends do have a point. Because as long as you're in the dance industry it's important you stay in work. Otherwise it's back to the day job or praying for your

At the moment a lot of the popular moves are coming from within hip-hop dance and street dance. Of course these are very general terms and every single choreographer that these music artists and groups works with will have their own styles and their own dance moves. With hip-hop music's influence at the moment, this is hardly a surprise although hip-hop dance does not have to be done exclusively to hip hop music, it can be done to any style of music really. It is not uncommon to

Commercial dance usually refers to dances outside of ballet, contemporary, theatre and highly partner-orientated It refers to the type of dancing done in other areas of the industry and more popular dance styles including trends of the time. It is the type of dancing often featured in music videos and popular films like 'You Got Served.' Here is a list of dance styles which would fall into the category of 'commercial dance': Hip hop dance, (commercial) jazz dance, locking, popping, bboyin'/ bgirlin'/ breakdancing (some would prefer not to be

According to the DomPost – the Mayor Ceilia Wade-Brown – thinks that her councillors should be taking up dancing – specifically Ballroom Dancing. Actually if they did they would be following in the steps of other politicians including Tim Shadbolt – who generated huge publicity as the dancing Invercargill Mayor on Dancing with the Stars a few years back. More relevant may however be ACT’s Rodney Hide – who although an object of derision amongst some for his less than coordinated efforts – in fact Hide credits dancing

Do you want to do the thing which can be fun, make you feel foxy, sexy, energizing, special, sensual and at the same time be the best workout you ever had? The “thing” referred to here is Dancing. Now, what if you get the perfect potpourri of dances which you can learn from home?? The dream-come-true product is that of “Celebrity Dance Instruction”. It can make even the sloppiest, clumsiest, worst dancer to dance to the tunes of music. It is like having your own personal instructor 24*7

What clothing and footwear to dancing lessons is often something that beginners worry about a lot. The easiest solution is to ask the teacher – in fact any good dance studio should tell you what to wear before you enrol in a dance class. Although Degas’ famous painting looks beautiful – the reality is that if you have enrolled in ballet or even jazz lessons you will not be wearing tutus and long flowing hair. Most serious dance classes will have teachers who need to see what your

One of the most indispensable items at every marriage party is dancing. This is an opportunity in which the newly wed will have to dance together. In most cases, the bride will often dance with her father. This is also an opportunity for you to loose yourself if you are part and parcel of the ceremony. There may be a situation in which this will be made more exciting by making an inclusion of some entertainment options. This should not be taken to mean adding something which will