February 2016

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Belly dancing has to be one of the best way for a women to get fit and have fun at the same time – and yes – sorry guys – but almost all Wellington Belly Dancing classes are female only – sorry about that! Though for those women who struggle to find a male to take along to partner dancing classes – belly dancing takes the pressure off. Together with the focus firmly on those wobbly bits – belly dancing is getting more and more popular. For any older women

If you are an Australian Dancesport competitor interested in competing in New Zealand you mind find the following information useful. Translation of Terms used. Age divisions are identical except Masters 2 doesn’t exist and Masters 1 is called Senior. Senior dancers are also able to dance adult grade as well at the same competition. New Zealand youth and senior dancers have dual grades for adult and their youth/senior age group e.g. a New Zealand senior may dance C grade in Senior Latin and E grade in Adult Latin at